COVID-19 The Long Haulers

Acynthia Villery - BPIR Social Media Director

Written by Acynthia Villery 2020

Once COVID is over it isn’t over! 
The after effects are timeless…at least for now.

What is a “Covid-19 Long Hauler?”

Long-haulers are people who have not fully recovered from COVID-19, weeks or even months after first experiencing symptoms. Post-viral syndrome, or post-COVID-19 syndrome, refers to the constellation of symptoms long-haulers are experiencing.

Fortunately and unfortunately the doctors, medical teams and patients are learning at the same time. We have learned that this virus is very unpredictable pre, during, and post virus. It changes from patient to patient.

Those of us that were diagnosed and went through the virus are having “after effects.” It doesn’t matter if your case was mild, serious, or severe.  Some days your taste buds are great and you taste every savory flavor. Then, your symptoms change over night and everything tastes bland or off from what you remember.

You may also experience mild itching on certain parts of your body. The itching can be intense and may cause you to want to scratch off your skin. Your short term memory is tested daily. You struggle to remember basic information.  You may know what you want to say, but it doesn’t come out quite right.

You may not realize these are still side effects from COVID-19 because you have tested negative. However, you know something is not right. Then you start researching why am I losing hair in chunks, not just a few strands, but chunks.

Let me share with you that you are not alone, nor are you crazy. Prolonged symptoms may include any of the following:

 Mild to severe itching
 Dry cough
 Sore scalp
 Hair loss
 Memory problems
 Shortness of breath
 Changed of sense of taste
 Constant thirst
 Bulging veins
 Loss of smell
 Muscle, body aches
 Calf cramps
 Nausea, vomiting
 Heat intolerance
 Weight loss or gain
 Night sweats
 Joint pain
 Back pain
 Blurry vision
 Heart palpitations
 Difficulty concentrating
 Difficulty sleeping
 Clogged ears

Keep in mind this list is not inclusive and you may experience things not listed. You may experience only a few or you may experience the gambit. If so, I recommend you research or speak with your doctor and or medical team.

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Acynthia Villery
COVID-19 Long Hauler