BPIR Ladies BreakAway Rules

  1. Breakaway Roping is an event for Females only.

  2. A barrier must be used at all rodeos for Ladies Breakaway Roping. At indoor rodeos, the length of score will be the same as the Calf Roping.
  3. All score lengths are subject to Judges and BPIR Ladies BreakAway Roping Director approval.
  1. The individual pushing the cattle cannot leave the mouth of the chute until the animal   has crossed the score line. Penalty for failure to abide by this rule can result in a fine.
  1. There shall be two or more timekeepers, a field judge, a barrier judge and as many other officials as the local management finds necessary.

  2. Only One (1) loop will be permitted. Roping  the calf without releasing the loop from the hand is not permitted.

  3. Ropes are tied at the very end of the rope, to saddle horn with nylon string. Bright cloth with dimensions of six inches by six inches (6’’x6’’) must be attached to end of rope.

  4. Breakaway calves must not weigh over two hundred (275) pounds and weigh a minimum of two hundred (200) pounds, and must be healthy and usable.

  5. Horned cattle shall not be used in the breakaway roping. Horned cattle are defined as horns longer than three inches (3”) measured from the base of the horn. Only one (1) horn has to be over three inches (3”) to be classified.
  1. The calf’s whole head must pass through the loop, or the contestant will be disqualified.

 -The loop must be drawn up around the neck (Bell Collar) with no extremities in the loop and in front of the tail head when string breaks.

  • If any extremities are in the loop when string breaks, ex. Figure 8 a tail or leg, rope dropped below tail head, etc., the run will be considered a no time. If the string breaks with the extremity in loop and then goes back around the neck of the calf, the run will still be a “no time.”
  • If an extremity gets in the loop after the flagger has dropped flag; the run will be legal.
  • For example: If the slack pops high and the loop feeds back out and a calf steps into the loop.
  • If an official is available (at BPIR events, 3 or more judges), a spotter will be positioned on the opposite side from the judge, to watch for extremities in the loop, when the string breaks.
  1. The field judge will flag the contestant when the rope breaks away from the horn.

  2. Contestant will receive no time should she break the rope from the saddle horn, by hand, by touching the rope or string after catch is completed. However, if the rope should dally around the horn, the contestant may ride forward, undally the rope, and then stop her horse to make the rope breakaway.

  3. Ten (10) second penalty applies for breaking the barrier.

  4. There will be a thirty (30) second time limit.

  5. Breakaway roping calves must be numbered and drawn for.

  6. Timed event contractor must have a minimum one third (1/3) the number of stock.

  7. Breakaway ropers will only be allowed to use one (1) loop during competition at all BPIR rodeos, unless it is the BPIR Finals where there’s two go rounds and a average. Ladies will be able to rebuild only one at the finals as stated above
  8. Any rules not covered by the above rules shall be assumed by the BPIR Tie-Down Roping Rules.

  9. All ladies will rope with the string that is supplied at each rodeo. This string will be located at or near the chute, pre-cut and ready for use.