BPIR Rules

The BPIR will use the IPRA rules for 2016. If there is an issue in any event, the contestant should go to the Event Director first.

Please note: There will be a $25 fine for anyone (other than BPIR staff) that are inside the arena when not performing. $50 for 2nd offense/fine. Stock charges will be $15 and 6% will be taken at all BPIR, MLK and Associate Rodeos from the total money for each event and a timer fee of $5 a run.

Membership cards must be purchased or renewed prior to competing in any sanctioned rodeo for the rodeo points to count towards 2016 standings. New membership cards will remain at $80 for 2016 and renewal membership cards at $70 (2015 members). 2015 Rodeo Champions are exempt from paying membership fees. Seniors - 55 years and above must purchase a membership the 1st year for $40. All memberships are free afterwards as long as there has been 5 years of consecutive participation.

To be eligible for rookie of the year, you must participate in 1 more than half, with the rodeo finals counting as one rodeo to be eligible. You must have a membership card, and have not participated previously as a BPIR member.


$0 - $500 50% 30% 20%          
$501 - $1700 40% 30%  20% 10%        
$1701- $4999 32% 24% 18% 12% 9% 5%    
$5000 OR MORE 26% 20% 15% 12% 10% 8% 6% 3%


TOP 10: The top 10 point leaders who are BPIR members will qualify for BPIR Championship Rodeo in Washington, DC in September 2016. Please keep up with the news on the website so you are aware of any changes made.  If you are competing at the BPIR finals as an alternate and you DID NOT compete at one more than half of the rodeos, you WILL NOT be eligible for awards and prizes.  Money ONLY!
You may be required to purchase a permit or card in order to compete for points to count in Approve Co-Sanctioned Association Rodeo in addition to BPIR.

RFKS ENTRY RULE: All timed events are last to ENTER first to go EXCEPT Ladies Barrel Racing. All CONTESTANTS and STAFF must check in with Secretary on day of event unless pre-entry via online or mail entry.
All 2015 BPIR Champions are expected to participate in the Parade of Champions during the Grand Entry. Payoffs will remain the same as payoffs in 2015.
Contestants, Staff and Specialty Acts are responsible for paying their Stall, RV’s and Electrical Hook-up Charges in each market. If anyone leaves a market without paying their charges, they will not be allowed to enter another BPIR rodeo until all charges are paid.

LADIES BARREL RACING: There must be over 20 paid for there to be 1 run. Until everyone is paid, we are unable to determine if the barrel racing will be 1 run or 2 runs.

BAREBACK ADDED MONEY: The Bareback Event will be eliminated unless there are 5 paid contestants by entry fee deadline. Payments can be made thru Paypal or by credit card. There must be 4 or more paid contestants for a 100% of Added Money.  If there is 3 or less paid contestants, only  50% of Added Money will be added.

BPIR PERMITS: For any NON member who participates on a PERMIT and WIN money, the BALANCE of your New/Renewal Membership will be deducted before payoff BUT your points will count. Grand Money will not count toward year-end standings and awards.

Ground Money: If there is no qualified score or time in an event, the ground money will not count toward points.

BULL RIDING PAYOUTS:  Bull Riding will be paid on each go round per rodeo. There will be no average payout except at the BPIR finals.

E-MAIL ENTRIES WILL BE ALLOWED FOR MEMBERS ONLY. E-mail should be sent to stephaniehaynes2@gmail.com prior to Call-IN DATES for all Rodeos. ENTRY FEES can be paid by Credit Card, by calling the Denver BPIR Office at 303.373.1246.

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