BPIR 2019 Rules and Regulations

As stated above, in 2019 BPIR will operate using its own rules as outlined in the 2019 BPIR Rule book.  The book will be available online and a hard copy provided to all BPIR members. In 2019, we will add a new Icon under the Rule Book section called RULE CHANGES to captures any rule changes made to the Rule Book as an easy reference for you.
There are a number of changes and I am highlighting a few that you should be aware of.  The changes below are not an inclusive list but just a few major changes:
•    BPIR will continue to abide by its own rules for 2019.
•    Membership cards must be purchased or renewed PRIOR to competing in any sanctioned rodeo for the rodeo points to count towards 2019 standings. New membership cards will remain at $80 for 2019 and renewal membership cards at $70 (2018 members ONLY). 2018 Rodeo Champions are exempt from paying membership fees. Seniors - 50 years and above must purchase a membership the 1st year for $30. All memberships are free afterwards as long as there has been 5 years of consecutive participation.
•    All members and permit holders must be paid 2 hour before rodeo time.  If not paid, you will not be allowed on the books once closed.  Please read carefully because there will be no exceptions for members or non-members.  Once the books are closed, they are closed for everyone.