Our mission is to continue and support  the legacy of Black Cowboys and Cowgirls

Valeria Vason-Cunningham

Producer & CEO

Ken Johnson

Chariman, BPMSF

Michael Hancock

VP Lu Vason Presents

Jody Gilbert

Office Coordinator, Art Director & Web Development

Barbara,"Miss Kitty" Love

Memphis TN Event Coordinator

Margo Wade-LaDrew

National Development & Marketing Director
Los Angles Rodeo Coordinator

Ronnie Cunningham

Atlanta GA Event Coordinator

Sheri Vason

Oakland CA Event Coordinator

Jeff Douvel

Oakland CA Event Coordinator

Greg Freeman

D/V Area Event Coordinator

Mansfield Montague

Maryland area: Fairfax, Arlington. Event Coordinator

Sedgewick Haynes

Co-General Manager

Carolyn Carter
Co-General Manager
Tiphani Carter
Grand Entry
Deon Osborne
Arena Director
Stephanie Haynes
Rodeo Secretary
Acynthia Villery
Rodeo Secretary
Marcus Friday
Rodeo Announcer
Sam Howery
Rodeo Announcer
Danielle Clark
Ass’t Rodeo Secretary
Alfred Ousley
Judges Coordinator
JD DeCluette
Rodeo Timer

National Office