Rodeo Cancellation: Memphis TNBPIR rodeo that is scheduled for April 3rd and 4th

Business decisions are always tough and require a lot of prayer and thought about what is best for the business and the community. I have been in prayer for a while as to what and how BPIR should respond to the recent Coronavirus outbreak. With the recent activity and increase of the coronavirus outbreak across the Unites States, large public events are being cancelled daily all over the US, with the Houston Rodeo, NBA and others being the latest events to be cancelled.

Our government is struggling to provide direction to our communities as to what we should or should not do and I believe this is because they do not know what we are dealing with and sadly our President seem to have other priorities.  I have closely followed the world health organizations, scientist who are trying to provide appropriate direction as best they can. The health organizations are encouraging everyone to limit exposure to large crowds.  Our support from the Memphis community is always great. As of today, we have already sold out our Friday morning performance and very close to selling out our Saturday night show. Having sellout crowds mean that we would have over 4000 people gathered in an inside facility, which would be in direct contradiction to the health organization and state government recommendations. Even with the great desire of the community to attend the rodeo, and the cowboys and cowgirls to perform. I must put the safety of everyone first. We do not want to contribute in any way to any potential spread of this virus.

On behalf of the BPIR organization, I must do what is best for the public and therefore must advise everyone that we have decided to CANCEL the Memphis BPIR rodeo that is scheduled for April 3rd and 4th. All online ticket refunds will be made as quickly as possible and local ticket purchases can be redeemed at place of purchase.

Thank you for your understanding and know that we are praying for protection for all.

Health and Safety must come first!!!

Valeria Howard Cunningham

Justin Richard All Around Cowboy
Mikala Nealy All Around Cowgirl
Harold Miller Bare Back Champion
Drew Madden Steer Wrestling Champion
Derek Goff Calf Roping Champion
Azja Byrant LSU Champion
Savannah Roberts LBR & JB Racing Champion
Harrel Williams Jr - Jr Breakaway Champion
Justin Richard Bull Riding Champion
Kenny Autman Rookie Cowboy
Raemia Clemons Rookie Cowgirl

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